Our Mission, Beliefs, & How they Impact YOU

Our Mission

Our mission is to give you the freedom to focus on YOUR passion – changing the world – while we focus on OURS: helping you create sustainable funding for your dream.

Our Beliefs

We believe that sustainable funding for your organization IS possible.

We believe the size of your organization should NEVER limit it’s impact.

We believe that multi-million dollar organizations should not be the only ones to have access to world-class fundraising.

We believe that no nonprofit should be limited by lack of resources.

We believe in YOU!

We believe that together, we really can change the world

What does that Mean for You?

Your partnership with us will reduce your time spent on fundraising and development – and allow you to put your focus and energy back into your mission.

As a team, we can create sustainable income for your nonprofit – in a way that works within the budget and time constraints of your current team.

We provide resources for your nonprofit that have previously only been available to multimillion dollar organizations.

You get:

  • The best fundraising strategies and solutions available
  • Solutions that fit your budget
  • Recommendations that your current staff can do today
  • Time back in your schedule that you and your staff are currently spending on fundraising
  • Less stress – we make fundraising fun!
  • Sustainable income – we will work to help create sustainable revenue for your organization that grows as you grow

We’d love to help you fund your passion!