Our Story

Like all great ideas, the Nonprofit Consulting Shop was created on a napkin at a restaurant.

That day, as we talked at lunch, it became clear that we both saw a huge problem.

Everyday, we talked to people who had amazing passion, big dreams, and the ability to help change the world. But they all lacked the same thing: Funding.

None of these people or organizations could afford to hire the help they needed to raise support. They also were struggling to keep donations coming in.

Worst of all, the energy they were spending on fundraising was taking away from the mission they had original set out to achieve.

The more we talked, the more we realized that this needed to change. By the time we grabbed the napkin – and asked the waitress for a pen – we were determined to find a way.

6 weeks later, the Nonprofit Consulting Shop was born.

We want to use our strengths in the area of fundraising to remove the stress from you – so that you can create sustainable funding – and have more time and energy to pour into the mission of your nonprofit.

We are excited to bring tools to small and start up nonprofits that have previously only been available to large nonprofits.

Our mission is to help YOU fund your DREAM. We believe that if everyone uses their strengths, and works TOGETHER we CAN change the world.