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Jackie Smith


Hi I’m Jackie!

Kari and I both grew up in Phoenix, Arizona – although at very separate times. I think growing up in the same place with someone, helps give perspective to things that other people just don’t understand. (Like why are my hands cold when it’s 70 degrees and sunny in Seattle? Why do I never drive with my coat on….?). After attending Arizona State University, and realizing that I really wanted to work in “advertising” – I moved to Houston, Texas and started working a very small (family owned and operated) media buying service.

For me, buying media for my clients was a rush. Getting the best prices, the best placements and the best “perks” I could get for them was my passion. Working in Houston gave me exposure to the oil and gas industry, retail and even political media buying. I learned about coop dollars and how to use them to offset my own client’s media budgets. I loved getting and giving this type of value to my clients.

After the media buying service, I moved to the sales side and joined a very large national radio rep company. Learned more about the business – but more importantly, I learned that I really didn’t enjoy “selling”. My passion was helping my clients maximize their budgets and giving them the best customer service I could.

When my son was 7 months old, I went back to work and this time worked for a small agency located in Colorado Springs. This agency’s sole focus was automotive clients. I enjoyed my job, but balancing it with a very young child took its toll on me. Also, after my son was born, I gained a new perspective on “what was really important in life” and realized that while selling cars was REALLY important, it certainly wasn’t as life or death as they made it seem. I started searching for more…..

My search landed me at The Domain Group. A full service agency located in Seattle that not only serviced nonprofits, but was also Direct Response. This made sense to me. I felt like I could use my talents in a way that helped the world. With direct response, it was measurable. You could actually see the impact! This was huge for me. Not to dismiss the brand campaigns I had worked on before, but in the media-buying world, either you are ‘brand’ or ‘direct response’ and neither one really thinks favorably towards the other. However, I realized that the true art, would be to find a way to balance the two!

Fast forward a few years, Domain was bought out by a larger company, which was not the same feel and fit. So I left and went to Masterworks. That is where I met Kari and our friendship was immediate.

My son is now turning 22 and the drive and push I had to stay in the “agency life” is just gone. But my desire to help nonprofits is as strong as ever. I want to give them all of my experience, service and value – it is my core mission. I want to help your organization realize its potential and I want to try to make it as simple and easy for you as possible.

I can’t wait to meet you and talk about your organization’s vision and future and how I can help you.

Football Team: Dallas Cowboys and the Seattle Seahawks (when in conflict, Seahawks are #1)

Favorite Food: Mexican

Children: Yes! One of my own and three wonderful additions to my family

Pets: Three dogs; Luke (a HUGE Yorkie), BarkLee (normal sized Yorkie) and a Maltese named Wilson.

Passions Outside of Nonprofits: Beaches, traveling and my family