Kari Trent


Kari Trent


Hi I’m Kari!

My passion for helping nonprofits started long before the Nonprofit Consulting Shop.

I actually grew up wanting to help them.

My Dad began his nonprofit, StrongFamilies.com, in 1998.  And I watched first hand someone with great ideas, who wanted to change the world, struggle to keep their dream alive because of funding.

Development and fundraising were not his background.  He wanted to help people.  He was great at helping people.  But trying to raise money and communicate with donors continued to kept his dream from growing the way he wanted it to.

Over the course of the next 10 years, my desire to see his, and every other nonprofit succeed, continued to grow.

I earned my MBA from Azusa Pacific University – and was selected by my professors to intern over the summer and help local nonprofits set and reach their funding raising goals.

I had officially found my calling.

In 2008, a friend of our family recognized my passion for helping nonprofits. He and his wife shared this same passion, and took a big risk.  They decided to invest in me.

They graciously provided a way for me to attend the Consulting Institute, run by world-renowned consultant Bobb Biehl.  I mean this man helped launch CRU, World Vision, the Chick-fil-A Foundation, Alliance Defending Freedom, and other multi-million dollar organizations around the country.

Studying with him was every college graduates dream.

It was there that I realized that every dream deserved to be achieved.  And I truly began to believe that with the right tools, they could be.

I spent the next 6 years learning the tools from the leading experts in the industry.  I’ve had the privilege to be able to work with leading agencies like Masterworks and Dunham + Company, and help clients like Alliance Defending Freedom, Focus on the Family, Open Doors, Iran Alive Ministries, and the Salvation Army set and reach their fundraising goals.

When Jackie and I decided to start the Nonprofit Consulting Shop, I had the honor of being able to sign up my Dad as our first client.

Seeing people achieve their dreams is what gets me up in the morning.  That’s what this is about.  Providing the tools you need so that you can focus on your DREAM, instead of the funding.

We are excited you’re here and hope to talk with you soon!

Football Team: Arizona Cardinals
Favorite Food: Sushi or anything Mexican
Children: Someday
Pets: American Eskimo named Maximus, and Buddy my rescue Terrier
Passions Outside of Nonprofits: Hiking, sunshine (yes that’s a passion), Blue Bell Ice Cream, exploring the PNW, my blog MyBelovedDaughter.org, and attempting to travel to (almost) every country in the world by 2025.