Welcome to the Nonprofit Consulting ShopDreams

You have a dream, a goal, an idea – and unless you’re like us – it’s probably not to be the best in the world at fundraising.

We realize that funding is often the single biggest limiting factor in keeping aspiring dreams from becoming a reality.

If you work for a nonprofit you are probably in a role where fundraising is a required aspect of the job.   Maybe you have to hit a specific budget, maybe you want more people to hear about what you are doing, maybe you haven’t done fundraising before and need to learn the basics, or perhaps you are a fundraising connoisseur but are looking to stay current on the trends and strategies of successful fundraisers; wherever you’re coming from, that’s where we come in to help.

Limited budgets to spend on fundraising makes the hiring of extra staff or an agency financially impossible and inefficient for the non-profit you’re working for.

Fundraising is complicated, confusing, and extremely time consuming.

Our dream at the Nonprofit Consulting Shop is to see every nonprofit, regardless of budget or size have the ability to realize their dreams to change the world.

To find out more about the incredible tools we have to help you reach your goals, please visit our Services Page – or contact us directly at info@npconsultingshop.com.