1. Why small and start-up nonprofits?

Each member of our team has a passion to help nonprofits. It’s our obsession really.

After working with some of the largest nonprofits in the world, we saw that there was a huge need for start up and small nonprofits to receive the same love and “TLC” as big organizations.

We wanted to do our part to change the world by providing something no one else has been able to: The best in fundraising strategy at a cost that any organization can afford!

2. How do you determine what will work for us?

Our team has over 40 years of experience working with nonprofits.

We have a series of questions that we will cover with you and your team to ensure that we plan we create is specifically tailored towards your organization.

Everything from the budget, fundraising message, types of communication, and even time you’ll need to spend in execution is all customized for you and your organization.

3. How much time and energy will I have to put into this process?

We are here to put the FUN back in Fundraising for you!

With the exception of the time spent together to get us what we need to develop your plan, all of our services are designed to give you back the time you’ve spent worrying about fundraising.

Our solutions are specifically created with small nonprofits in mind. That means anything we recommend is immediately actionable with minimal time spent on your end.

We take on the time – you take on the benefits.

We truly lead the industry both in strategy, and innovation to make our recommendations immediately possible for you.

4. What about pricing?

We work to fit your budget. And there are NEVER any added costs.

Our pricing model is unique and designed specifically to accommodate small and start up nonprofits, as well as provide our mid-size nonprofits with the quality they are used to at a fraction of the price.

You truly get the best products, services, and strategy in the industry – at a cost that has previously not been accessible to smaller nonprofits.

This allows you, your board, and your major donors to learn how plan ahead for the following year. It is also something that sets us apart from other organizations.

We don’t surprise you with hidden costs. Ever.

5. Do you offer Financial Assistance?

We truly believe that no nonprofit should be limited by resources.  We are proud to offer select scholarship to a number of nonprofits annually.  For more information on how to apply, or how you can help fund a scholarship for our nonprofits please email Kari at, ktrent@npconsultingshop.com

6. Can I chose not to do some of your recommendations?

Absolutely. However, you’ll still receive the items that we recommend for you. But it is completely up to you whether you choose to use them or not.

7. Do you have any guarantees about your work?

While we cannot guarantee that every project will meet it’s funding goal, we are so committed to helping you achieve what we recommend that we will not charge you again until we hit the projections that we set for you.  That is a deal that no other fundraising agency in the world can match.