Your organization is unique, and your fundraising should be too.  Our focus is to provide long term, ongoing, sustainable income for your organization.  Check out the services below, and connect with our team.  We’d love to help you change the world! Our team is passionate about helping passionate people. That’s why we want to engage with nonprofits of all sizes – even start ups – to help people with GREAT ideas accomplish their dreams. Get Started! »


We offer comprehensive consulting services for existing, in process, and conceptual nonprofits. Consulting is great way to take your ideas from A to B with expert advice guiding you the whole way!

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We get creative with finding solutions that will work for YOU. While you get the best in traditional fundraising channels, for many organizations we also provide additional resources and ideas that are a bit off the beaten path. We will do what it takes you help you hit your goals! Plans are customized for you, we will never overcharge, or recommend things that you don’t need.  We offer both one-off fundraising projects, and full service fundraising based on the needs of your organization.  Want the best in the business to help you build your dream? Connect with us below:

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Your brand is more than just a logo – it’s the essence of who YOU ARE, and what your personality is like as an organization. We think brands are the greatest, and want to help you get yours to reflect the incredible uniqueness that is YOU!  Sounds great right?! Find out how we can help your brand.

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Board Development

You can’t create a world changing nonprofit without the support of a top-notch board. Whether you are forming a board for the first time, or looking to get more involvement and support from your existing board members, we are here to help! We can even help you develop a plan to keep your meetings on track so you hit and accomplish all your goals!

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Data is the DNA of your organization. Keeping it clean, healthy, organized, and understanding what it’s trying to tell you will make or break any organization. That’s why, in conjunction with our amazing partners, we offer a full range of service offerings and analytic solutions for your nonprofit. The sky is the limit, and we will work hard to find the right combination of services for YOU. Find out how to protect, strengthen, and understand my organizations DNA:

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Love it or hate it, we all live in a visual world.  Your website, emails, letters, ads, banners, and yes, even your social media makes a huge difference in how people find and relate to your organization.  We know that marketing often takes a back-seat for nonprofits, especially for small and start-ups.  However, we can help you transform what you do have, and ensure that you are only spending your time and energy on the things that will work best for you.  Our team of experts is standing by:

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We also offer trainings in a variety of formats to fit your budget, your schedule, and your team. Trainings are offered online, or in person. Here are a few of the trainings offered, but we can do custom topics for you as well:

  • Fundraising Made Easy
  • Online Fundraising
  • Leadership and Team Building
  • What the Numbers Mean
  • Major Donor Relationships
  • Social Media and Fundraising
  • New Donors: Why you need them, and how to get them with your budget
  • How to Publish a Book

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