Data is the DNA of your organization. Keeping it clean, healthy, organized, and understanding what it is trying to tell you will make or break any organization. That’s why, in conjunction with our amazing partners, we offer a full range of service offerings and analytic solutions for your nonprofit. The sky is the limit, and we will work hard to find the right combination of services for YOU.
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Offerings & Services

Pricing for all our analytics services are completely customized to your data and your organization.

Fundraising Analysis 

Understand the data, find potential growth areas, and pinpoint problems before they start.

Determine the Right Database for YOU

Without clean and clear data, you are missing opportunities and potentially dollars that can support your organization. With so many options on the market, how can you know what solution is right for you? We’d love to help you find out!

Database Integration / Migration

Starting or transitioning to a new database? We can help!

New Donor Analysis

Wondering how to find new donors? Our customized analysis will tell us who you should reach, and the best way you can connect with them.

Do I have the Right Donors?

This is one of the most common questions of any organization, am I finding and keeping the right people? We’d love to help you answer that question, and find solutions to ensure that you are investing in the right relationships.

Market Research

This type of analysis is critical to any organization as you grow and find your unique place in the market. Understanding the game, positions, and other players will help you play a better game yourself.

Testing – Message, Offer, Communication, etc. 

Message, Offer, Communication, etc. – Do your donors get you? Do they get your message? Do they like it? What do they really want to hear from you? Those are just a few of the critical and game changing questions that can be answered from our incredible, cutting-edge testing services.

Pricing for all our analytics services are completely customized to your data and your organization.