Board Development

You can’t create a world-changing nonprofit without the support of a top-notch board. Whether you are forming a board for the first time, or looking to get more involvement and support from your existing board members, we are here to help! We can even help you develop a plan to keep your meetings on track so you hit and accomplish all your goals!
Check out our pricing, and specific ways we can help you build an amazing Board below! Or click the orange button to get started. 

Board Development Services & Pricing

Board Team Training 

We are excited to offer both online and in person Board Training. Using the LOGB personality test we create a fun and exciting way for you to identify who-is-who on your board, and how they can all work better together as y’all work to change the world.

30 minute live online video stream   $150

1 hour live online video stream  $300

In person – We’d love to chat! Connect with us below for more information.

Board Evaluation and Strategic Development

Boards change as the needs of your organization change. How do you know when it’s time for new members? How do you keep your Board Meetings on track? What type of results do your Board members REALLY want to know? These are just a few of things we can help you determine.

1 hour Skype or phone session  $250 

2 hour Skype or phone session  $500   

Half Day / Full Day in person session – We’d love to chat! Connect with us for more information

Board Bi-Laws and Transition Assistance

Setting up the right Board Bi-Laws, and managing transition well is essential. We can help you develop and communicate new Board standards, and navigate potentially messy board member transitions.

1 hour Skype or phone session   $250 

2 hour Skype or phone session   $500   

Half Day / Full Day in person session –  We’d love to chat! Connect with us for more information

Board Creation

Staring a board for the first time? We have your back. Get the information, support, and advice you need to find the right people for your nonprofit’s launch. This is a combination of online resources and Skype or phone consulting and all of it is completely customized for you and your nonprofit.  $550

TNPCS Board Training

Our hands on training course that help you learn all the elements of building and maintaining a healthy board. With tips on selections, bi-laws, fundraising goals, communication, problem solving, and leveraging skills and talents, this customized training is offered in two formats to fit your needs:

  • Group Training – join other nonprofits in this general course. Don’t worry, you will get plenty of hands on help and tools that you can put into practice ASAP!   $150 
  • Personalized Training – what to meet with us one-on-one to walk through the training and find out how to specifically address your Board issues? We’d love to help!   $300