Your brand is more than just a logo – it’s the essence of who you ARE, and what your personality is like as an organization. We think brands are the greatest, and want to help you get yours to reflect the incredible uniqueness that is YOU!
Check out our pricing, and specific ways we can help your brand below! Or click the orange button to get started. 

Brand Audit

Are your donors/supporters/fans “picking up what you are laying down”? We can tell you! And help provide solutions for them to see the REAL you.  $500 

Brand Development

Need help creating or promoting your brand? We are here to help. We work to create new brands, and help existing brands become all they can be.  $1000 

Brand Positioning

Where do you fit? Are you offering the right message to the right people? We can tell you, and help you make adjustments to successfully do just that.  $550 

Logo and Brand Guide Creation

The visual heart of your brand. We can help you create, change, update, redesign, or revamp any element of your branding. Preferably, we would take everything from your logo, font, colors, etc. and make sure they tell the world what’s special about YOU! Cost varies depending on what you need, but packages usually range between $1500-$3500