We get creative with finding solutions that will work for YOU. While you get the best in traditional fundraising channels, for many organizations we also provide additional resources and ideas that are a bit off the beaten path. We will do what it takes you help you hit your goals! Plans are customized for you, we will never overcharge, or recommend things that you don’t need.  We offer both one-off fundraising projects, and full service fundraising based on the needs of your organization.  Want the best in the business to help you build your dream? Connect with us below:
Check out our pricing, and specific ways we can help you with your fundraising below! Or click the orange button to get started. 

Fundraising Services:

Advocate and Peer to Peer Fundraising

This is one of the most cost-effective and beneficial ways to grow your organization.  Not only that, but it creates fans of your organization that are committed and invested beyond a financial gift.  We can help you create, improve, run, manage, and provide the right resources to those in your network. We offer two specific packages:

Basic Set Up and Roll Out (this option includes our custom training, guide, and start up/support call):   $1550

Full Service Set Up and Roll Out (this option let’s you sit back, relax, and watch the results roll in with all that’s listed above plus writing and design support):  $3500+ (based on your needs)

Personal Fundraising

Are you going on a missions trip? Do you work for an organization and have to raise your own support? Are you wanting to bring on a new staff member and need them to get the funding for their position? We can help! We have custom packages based on your need – with writing, design, coding, and printing all as options for you.

Letter and Donation Form Template and Training – take the worry out of fundraising with our custom template.  It’s downloadable and editable for YOU. We also provide a downloadable training module that walks you through how to create a letter your donors just can’t refuse, and more!  $200

Editing and Letter Review (highly recommended) – get fundraising experts to edit and review your letter.  We will make edits, recommendations, and help ensure that you are using the “best practices” of fundraising.   $100

Personal Consultation – this includes the two elements above plus a 30 minute Skype or phone conversation with our team.  Really beneficial if you are struggling to write form the right “ask” for your donors.  $550

Writing – We’d love to chat! Connect with us below.

Custom Design – We’d love to chat! Connect with us below.

Email coding – We’d love to chat! Connect with us below.

Printing Services – We’d love to chat! Connect with us below.

Fundraising Communication Audit

Make sure that your donors “get you”.  Communication is key, and if you aren’t talking to them in their words, and in the way they want to be communicated with they just aren’t hearing you.  Our comprehensive Fundraising Communication Audit will review your current and past donor communications from a writing, design, and communication channel point of view.  This will give you valuable feedback on the effectiveness of your communications and how you can better engage your donors.  Not to mention recommendations and a personalized plan on how to have your donors hanging on your every word. Pricing is custom based on number of donors and types of communication.

Fundraising Communication Strategy

When do you say what? And to who? When is the best time to ask? Let us create the roadmap for you! We plan out your whole year’s worth of communication. We recommend pairing this with some of our analytic offerings to maximize it’s impact. Our basic plan starts with dates and topics – the advanced plan includes analytics and analysis.

Basic Plan: $1500

Advanced Plan (includes a deep dive into your data and analytics): Starting at $3000

Fundraising “Offer” Development

This is possibly the most important part of fundraising.  While that sounds a little bit dramatic (but who doesn’t like a good flair of drama every now and then?), it’s true! If you aren’t asking donors to support you the right way, if you aren’t getting them excited about the right projects then you are missing out on new donors, and potentially even larger gifts from current donors.  For example: sometimes organizations think that a new building project alone will generate funds.  While a new building is important, their donors may not care about a building – they care about the kids.  Finding the right way to “ask” donors to help you build, while still keeping the focus on WHY the donor gave to begin with is critical.  And we can help you do just that!

Organizational Offer – we will help you make sure your main offer is doing it’s job, or help you create one if you don’t have it!   Starting at $1500

Additional Offers – is your main ask child sponsorship, but you need to build a medical clinic this year too? We can help you word it so that your donors really understand that the two are not truly separate, but go together like peanut butter and jelly.  $500

Fundraising “Offer” Audit

Have a current offer, but aren’t sure that it’s really the best one? Or do you have three or four offers and are struggling to truly communicate your mission? We can help.  Our Fundraising “Offer” Audit does a deep dive into your communications and current offers to help determine what is working, what can be working better, and how to transition communication to maximize donations and donor impact. We ensure that you are asking for the right things in the right way.  Starting at $1500

Acquisition Audit

Are you getting the right new donors for your organization? Do you have the right vendors? Where can you find more new donors? Is what you are offering new donors really working? Are you asking in the right places/channels? Is there more you can be doing? We can help determine this and more with our comprehensive Acquisition Audit.    Starting at $1500

New Donor Strategy / Planning

Need help finding new donors? We have your back. Whether it’s your first time out the gate, or you are a seasoned professional, our team of experts can take your New Donor Strategy to the next level.  With tons of experience helping multi-million dollar organizations become what they are, we will find the right solutions for your organization. Even if you have little to no budget to do so!  Starting at $1500

Vendor Audit

Are you working with the right vendors? Not sure you are getting the best pricing on list rentals, printing services, web design, writing, coding, artwork, branding, etc? We can find out.  We love saving nonprofits money, and our team is not only skilled at negotiating great deals for our clients, but with our time in the industry with know first hand if you are truly getting what you pay for.  We do vendor audits, agency RFP’s, and provide results and recommendations for you based on our finding.  Stop overpaying, and get the quality that you and your organization deserve.   Starting at $1000