Love it or hate it, we live in a visual world.  Your website, emails, letters, ads, banners, and yes, even your social media makes a huge difference in how people find and relate to your organization.  We know that marketing often takes a back-seat for nonprofits, especially for small and start-ups.  However, we can help you transform what you do have, and ensure that you are only spending your time and energy on the things that will work best for you.  Our team of experts is standing by:
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Marketing Services

Website Development

We work with the best web developers in the industry.  While we may not be the only company that can say that, we can tell you that we ONLY work with web developers that truly understand nonprofits.  From simple changes on your website, to a full redesign, our experts can help ensure that your website meets fundraising “best practice” standards and communicates with your donors in the most effective way possible.  Who says Marketing and Fundraising can’t play well together? In our option, they are totally bff’s.  And this dynamic-duo will help accelerate the success of your mission and organization. To make sure that you only pay for what you NEED, we prefer all of our website services start with a comprehensive Website Audit (unless your site doesn’t exist yet, and it will start with sitemapping).

Website Audit – determine if your website is truly optimized for fundraising. From donation page set up, location, email capture, content, and so much more we determine how well your website stacks up, and create a plan to get it to the top! We can even price out the plan in phases so you can focus on what matters most first, and get to the rest later.   Starting at $500, the audit is custom and based on your needs.

Website Development – We’d love to chat! Pricing is custom and based on your needs.

Social Media Audit

Is your social media working for you? Feeling stuck? Not getting the engagement you want from your followers? We can help.  We know social media is a challenge – especially for smaller organizations.  We can help you cut through the noise and focus your impact so you get maximum results with with least amount of effort.    Starting at $750 – based on number of social media channels

Social Media Strategy

Need to add more social to your organization? Let us help.  We can create a custom plan based off of your needs and goals.   Pricing is custom and based on your goals/needs. 

Marketing Strategy

Social Media isn’t the only way to marketing your organization! Traditional and on and offline marketing avenues are all available to you.  Our team can help determine which would be effective, and can even get you into new areas that you haven’t been able to reach before.  We can work with your existing vendors, or get you connected with the incredible ones in our network.  Pricing is custom and based on your goals/needs.