The Agency Alternative

the agency alternativeAll nonprofits face a problem: funding.

Nonprofits without an ability to obtain the help they need to raise money, regardless of the amazing ideas they may have, ultimately do not have the opportunity they deserve to change the world.

That’s why we created the Nonprofit Consulting Shop.

Our entire staff here has previously worked for agencies that focus on fundraising and have seen our previous companies have to turn away nonprofits with amazing potential because those nonprofits could not afford the huge budget the agency was asking to craft a fundraising strategy.

Did the agency want to help these nonprofits? Of course. But the very nature of agencies prohibits the lowering of costs to aid the up-and-coming nonprofit from obtaining powerful fundraising advice from these agencies. Our agencies could not find a way to keep costs low enough to bring on these nonprofits.

For a few of us, the desire to find a solution to help these nonprofits became an obsession; we were impassioned to find the solution.

Together, after long deliberation, we cracked the code on providing the best service possible at the lowest possible price. With this model, every nonprofit can have access to the the experts only multi-million dollar nonprofits could previously afford to learn from.

Our goal has also been to create a system easy for any nonprofit to implement. Our tools are created so that no matter the size of your staff or experience level with fundraising, we will create a solution that YOU can execute.

Leading experts. Within your budget. Solutions customized for you. Easy to execute. Easy to understand.

The Agency Alternative.